Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Summer Rose Lambert - 2022

Summer Rose Lambert was only 15-years-old, when she was taken to the hospital due to an overdose of medication from the facility she was sent to in order to be treated for undisclosed reasons. Her family believed her to be safe, but tragically the medication was not put in a safe place out of reach from the patients and while a number of other patients only got sick from an overdose, Summer Rose Lambert sadly did not make it.

The authorities now needs to figure out while the facility named Oak Plains Academy managed to store medication without taking precautions against possible overdoses. It simply should not happen that a girl which should have an entire life in front of her so tragically lose her life before her life really was lived.

Imaging believing that your relative should be in a safe place only to be cheated. Maybe profit was prioritized too much, maybe there were not enough employees around. That is some of the issues the authorities now have to look into. Why does such tragedies only catch the attention of the authorities when people have died. Why did this facility not receive proper supervision before the deaths?

There is no sense to make of this. May she rest in peace where she is now.


(yahoo News)

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Clay Hensley - 2020

Clay Hensley became victim of a foster care system. He was placed at the Great Circle group home in St. James simply because they could offer to house him cheaper than some of their competitors. Now because they could provide better conditions for a boy in his medical and mental condition but simply because they could offer something cheap.

It is very simple to state that there was not the proper level of supervision. Maybe it also had some root in a budget somewhere but the result was a tragedy. He was killed by two other residents according to the police.

Some who met him while he was alive stated to the media that he had some potential. If true, he was robbed from the chance of pursuing them. The world might never know what he could have achieved and the reason was so simple that it was a question about money.

It is simply so sad for his family left behind and those who knew him.

May he find peace where he is now.


Monday, August 7, 2023

Joseph Douglas Bolt Jr. - 2000

Joseph Douglas Bolt Jr. did not get a lot out of this life. He ended in foster care and people failed to supervise him so he downed in a lake. While the Alpine Boys Ranch managed to deal with the lack of interest of the state to increase security, the insurance companies saw the entire setup of the ranch as a security risk and increased the prices so the ranch had to end their dangerous operations.

All this came too late to save the life of a 17-year-old boy who never should have been allowed to swim without anyone testing if he could deal with the conditions. The lack of care ended his short life and brought grief to his family and friends.

Maybe the state will ask more in the future from the facilities, they allow to operate.

May the poor boy rest in peace.


Thursday, June 29, 2023

Raven Nichole Keffer - 2018

17-year-old Raven Nichole Keffer died at the Newport News Behavioral Health Center. It did not cause a lot of problems for either the facility and the employees involved in what can be called neglect as they ignored her sickness.

Probation is hardly punishment and if an employee move to another state to work there, the new employer would properly not discover the lack of professionalism the employee showed at the Newport News Behavioral Health Center

A lawsuit is hardly a punishment either as the facility properly have a insurance company to cover the costs.

It was such a waste that a 17-year-old girl should lose her life in a such tragic way.

We can only offer our support to her family. May she find peace where she is now.


Sunday, June 25, 2023

Svetlana Hope Cyphert - 2021

June 25, 2021 a tragedy occured at Reflections Academy in Montana when a 17-year-old girl died as what is investigated as a suicide.

We cannot know what line of events that led her to be placed at the facility. But we can assume that her family believed that she was placed in a safe environment. She was failed. Her family was failed. The facility was not able to deal with severe mental conditions and run on such professional level as the girls illness required.

It is such a waste of life. The authorities intervened and the facility had to close down. Unfortunately too late to save the poor girl.

May she find peace where she is now


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