Saturday, May 20, 2023

Mia Gabrielle Fontana - 2021

May 2021 family and relatives experienced a great loss when Mia Gabrielle Fontana died at Grove School. While a lawsuit has been filed into what is the third known death at Grove School, the question remains how such a tragedy could occur in the first place.

Which signs were overlooked? Did Grove School accept a student they were not suited to handle?

These questions might never been answered because the industry in general do not care. So the process of filing a lawsuit is important because it forces the school to look at their procedures. Such tragedies should be prevented. That Mia Grielle Fontana was only allowed 15 years in this life is simply wrong.

May she find peace where she is now.


Monday, May 1, 2023

Unindentified girl - 2021

2020 was hardly started before the first death of the year of a teenager detained in a residential setting happened.

At Shodair Children’s Hospital a tragedy occured when 15-year-old girl which name has not been released to the public died and the authorities suspected suicide.

It was the second known death at the facility as a girl died in traffic after an escape attempt in June 2019.

Some hospitals prioritize profit over the welfare of patients. Investigation conducted by the authorities blame understaffing and lack of monitoring instructions as the cause of the tragedy.

It is impossible to imagine how the relatives and friends who believed that she was safe in a hospital setting must feel.

It was an unnecessary tragedy. May she find peace where she is now.


Thursday, April 6, 2023

Diane Ramirez - 2019

The circumstances regarding who allowed Morris Small Family Home to be in operation and how they were approved as foster care home seems to remain unclear. Maybe it is just easier to blame the owners at the facility instead of looking at those who were supposed to monitor and supervise the foster home.

There is a risk that an investigation into that area would reveal a really broken system. A system which in the end claimed the life of a on only 17-year-old girl. Diane Ramirez should not had a such tragic end to her life. Suffering while being ignored like she was in just another correctional boarding school while her life slowly ended. She was supposed to be protected by the system and instead it failed her, when it allowed her to be placed at a run-down foster home where the only interest seemed to make it as cheap as possible to have children placed there. Not even the gas for a drive down to a hospital where the poor girl could have been given treatment seems to be in the budget.

Of course now the authorities goes after the employees and owneers of the place and their responsibility cannot be ignored. They should bear the consequences of their actions. But other children could be at risk of ending up in the same senseless way if the system is not changed.

We will pray for her family. May she find peace where she is now.


Sunday, July 31, 2022

Charlotte Holliman - 1992

In 1992 tragedy happened at what was called Truckee Meadows Hospital at the time. An only 14-year-old girl was found hanging at the hospital. She was treated with anti-depressive and something clearly went wrong with either the dosis or the risk-management of possible side-effects that can impact the person who have to take the medicine.

This lack of care not only robbed this 14-year-old girl of a future. Also relatives were left behind and had to deal with their terrible loss. The hospital changed its name to do something about its poor reputation but it not to read anywhere if other precautions were made to prevent similar tragedies from happening.

May she find peace where she is now.


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Naomi Massa Wood - 2020

Naomi Massa Wood was 17 year of age when her life ended while attending one of the Teen Challenge holding facilties which are marketed as a mixure of boarding schools and treatment faclities. Facilities where medication and treatment by professionals are replaced with a prayer based curriculum and the communication and interaction with the surrounding world is restricted.

When the 17 year old student complained of plain not enough effort was made to contact local medical services and at the facility medical trained personnel was not at hand. As result of this institutionalized neglect the girl died. A report was made which ordered changed which seem to happen slowly and in the meantime family members of employees were allowed to play medical professionals.

It was a tragic for the family left behind who had put so much effort into giving this girl a good life. What a terrible loss of lives for the many siblings and also the adoptive parents, who were led to believe that Teen Challenge had something to offer to their daughter.

We can only urge the responsible politicians to look at the legislation so such places become better licensed and subject to supervision by the state.

May Naomi Massa Wood who were given so little time on this earth experience peace where she is now.


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