Saturday, May 1, 2021

Cornelius Frederick - 2020

16-year-old Cornelius Frederick ended up at Lakeside Academy after his mother died in her sleep at age 32.

No other family members were able to take care of him. Instead of an upbringing in a caring family, he now had a future living in an institutionalized setting. Or rather no future because a conflict with the employees ended up with him being restrained. The incident which took more than 18 minutes can be seen in a video which is floating around the internet. You will not find the video on this blog because it is only a blog about remembering Cornelius Frederick as a person. A person who might had potential to do a lot of things with his life but so tragicly was robbed of us over such a little ting as a bowl of food.

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation which was launced after the death, it cannot bring him back.

His life was lost. 16 years was all he was granted on this earth.

May he rest in peace.


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Kirsta Simons - 2019

November 14, 2019 a girl aged between 14 and 16 depending on the different accounts of what took place died at West Ridge Academy. She was sent thousand of miles away from her native country Bermuda to Utah. The culture differences are so huge that it is like taking a girl from Europe and send her to the Middle East.

In the end she could not endure living out of the country and ended her life.

A real tragedy for those left behind. May her death stop the cruel practice of exiling youth in need of treatment. No country on the earth should dump children in need of treatment to backward cultures. Then it ends possible treatment and it becomes a prison instead.

May she find peace where she is now.


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Kayla Neal - 2019

15 year old Kayla Neal was tragicly killed in a traffic accident when she ran from Shodair Children’s Hospital.

Former employees question the staffing and the safety for children placed at the facility. All it took was starting the fire alarm and then the children could run freely in the community which proved not safe for the poor girl. What about neighbors if other patients not so friendly and harmless as the girl escape?

Nevertheless there now is a family out there who lost a family member.

It was tragic and we can only send our prayers to the family left behind.


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Kenneth Barkley - 2014

15-year-old year old Kenneth Barkley died as result of a restraint attempt. The group home run by OhioGuidestone placed the employee responsible on leave but did little to provide new guidelines for when to attempt restraining the children placed at the home which potentially could place other children in harm in the future. The authorities ruled his death a homicide.

For the family of Kenneth Barkley the death was tragic and they suffered a terrible loss.

May the poor boy find peace where he is now.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Jeremiah Flemming - 2017

15 year old Jeremiah Flemming died as result of a restraint attempt conducted by the staff members at North Spring Behavioral Healthcare. That remains a fact.

All the other stuff is purely technical and legal. The courts did not find the employee responsible but still the boy died. we have to respect the courts and accept that what takes place in the legal system is not a question about justice but rather a kind of boxing match between lawyers like it was a soccer game.

In the end another fact that remains is that a mother lost her child. It was a terrible loss for her and we can only send our prayers to her.

May this poor boy find peace where he is now.

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