Sunday, January 18, 2015

William O'Connell, Normand Poulin, Roger Poulin - 1938

All 3 teenagers attended a boarding school in Canada. When a fire broke out the building unequipped as a modern Russian rehab facility proved to be a fire trap. These poor teenagers died then the roof collapsed together with a lot of local teenagers from Canada. It remains unclear whether their remains were identified to they could be returned to their families.

Everything was wrong with the building. There were not enough exits. There was no sprinkler system. To make matters worse the firemen who arrived at the school found the doors bolted so they could not enter in time to put the fire out from within. Last but not least most of the building was made of wood.

All these 3 teenagers did was to pursue an education. The price became too high and ended in tragedy.

May they find peace where they are now.

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