Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Elisa D Santry - 2006

While most of the children named on this blog had been placed in residential programs involutary Elisa D Santry made the choice to enter an outward bound program on her own. Her family was ensured by the company Outward Bound USA that the program was safe. It was untrue. There had been 24 deaths. Short time before she entered the program a boy lost part of his leg.

The group she was placed in was no consisting of teenagers with the same level of endurance. One of the rules were that the group had to stay together when adults were not present. Still she was alone when she died from a heat-stroke. Then there is the question of the temperature that day. Down in the canyon temperatures reaches 43 degrees celcius and she wore a heavy backpack. She had no experience to determine whether she drank enough. She should have been under supervision from an adult.

The company which arranged the hike continue to send teenagers on wilderness programs.

They may have tightened supervision and safety but for 16 old Miss Santry it was too late. She died neglected by the program.

May she find peace where she is now.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Natalynndria Lucy Slim - 2006

A tragedy unfolded when 16 year old Miss Slim was found hanging by a computer cord at the Adolescent Residential Treatment Center operated by the Presbyterian Medical Services. An investigation into whether it was suicide was started.

On Find-a-grave this obituary was found:

Natalynndria Lucy Slim, our beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter and niece passed away Wednesday, July 13, 2006, in Farmington. She was born Oct. 20, 1989, in Shiprock to Jacaranda Sloan of Shiprock, and Nathaniel Slim of Teec Nos Pos, Ariz.

Natalynndria was born into the Naakai Diné' (Mexican Clan), and born for Kinyaaaanii (Tower House) clan. She was raised in Shiprock and had completed her sophomore year at Aztec High School. She also attended Bloomfield High School and Shiprock High School. She was an active basketball and volleyball player. She was also a member of the National Honor Society Organization. She participated in the school orchestra as well as being a skater.

Natalynndria enjoyed being among family and friends. Her hobbies were listening to music, shopping, drawing, writing poems, writing song lyrics, singing hanging out with her skater friends and chatting on the Internet.

Natalynndria was a brilliant and talented girl with so much potential and many goals. She loved animals and had dreams of becoming a veterinarian; she was also very photogenic and had dreams of becoming a photographer.

We will miss her sweet and pretty smile, her sense of humor, her laughter, companionship and her willingness to lend a hand with open arms and an open heart. We will always love you Baby "Gurl!"

Natalynndria is preceded in death by her father, Nathaniel Slim of Teec Nos Pos; maternal great-grandmother, Sarah D. Slowman of Shiprock; maternal grandfather, David Sloan Sr. of Mexican Hat, Utah; and paternal grandparents, Thomas and Lucy Slim of Teec Nos Pos.

She is survived by her mother, Jacaranda (Jackie) Sloan and significant other, Gilmore Morgan of Shiprock; sisters, Natasha Slim of Teec Nos Pos; Tanya and Vanessa Lister of Shiprock; brothers, Ryan J. Lowe and Aralias D. Morgan of Shiprock; grandmother, Nellie Sloan of Shiprock; and great-grandfather, Elwood Slowman of Shiprock.

She is also survived by her godmother, Clara S. King of Farmington; maternal aunts, Jackie Benally, Aqunetta Tom, Garianna and Karrie Martin, all of Shiprock; maternal uncles, David Sloan Jr. and Alonzo Sloan, both of Shiprock; her other maternal grandmothers, Loretta Bennett and Marietta Lister, both of Shiprock; Clara S. King and Lucita Slowman, both of Farmington; paternal aunts, Rita Slim and Lorraine Tsosie, both of Farmington; and paternal uncles, Edison Slim and Melvin Willie, both of Teec Nos Pos; and Alvin Willie of Kimbeto.

She will missed by numerous cousins, nephews and nieces.

Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m., today, at Victory Life Fellowship Church (Rattlesnake) in Shiprock. Interment will follow at Greenlawn Cemetery in Farmington. A reception will follow in Shiprock at Slowman's residence on Mesa Farm Road.

Pallbearers will be David Sloan Jr., Lanfort J. King, Sheldon Benally, Michael Walker, Justin Dedios and Alonzo Sloan. Alternate pallbearers are Charles Wilson Jr. and Sterling Benally.

Honorary pallbearers are all family, relatives and friends.

Natalynndria is in the care of Cope Memorial Kirtland Chapel in Kirtland

May she find peace where she is now.

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