Friday, April 27, 2012

Mario Cano - 1984

In the 1980's boot camp programs was the fashion in punishment of juvenile offenders. Unfortunately it was an untested concept and the tests took the life of 16 year old Mario Cano. After his deaths lawyers fought over the continued use of out-of-state programs like VisionQuest offered.

Unfortunately the battle field was the wrong one. A boot camp is not a tool to help teenagers out of crime. We do know that now. They cannot help fewer kids to choose without crime.

It took more casulties before this could be learned. Mario Cano was one of the first teenagers to lose his life in a boot camp. Had the world learned of his death lives could have been saved.


Read more:
, The Sacramento Bee, June 28, 1998 (Per-per-view article)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Peter A. Cooper - 1979

Back in 1979 a fire raided a boarding school up in Connecticut. The old wooden buildings which were properly from 1934 burned quickly and not all students made it out. Some were caught on the second-floor near a window and two of the students - Peter Cooper and Jonathan S. Lenoff - died while a third student suffered terrible burns.

A small memorial plate was set up so the death students could be remembered. For some reason it disappeared sometime after year 2000.

Of course something can be blamed on the building code which allowed a level of safety which turned out to be deadly but regardless of the reason for their death they should not be forgotten.

They lost their lives before they could outlive the potential they were sent to the school to find. Please restore the memorial!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Travis Parker - 2005

13 year old Travis Parker entered the Appalachian Wilderness Camp, which was a wilderness program functioning around 2005.

He never left it alive.

Several counselors restrained him for more than an hour and denied him his asthma inhaler. An autopsy determined the face-down restraint caused his death.

The case was so clear for the police that they asked that charges for murder was raised against the counselors Ryan Chapman, Paul Binford, Mathew Desing, Torbin Vining, Johnny Harris and Phillip Elliott.

For reasons unknown to us the court decided to dismiss the charges. Thanks to the court the circumstances surrounding his death will never be fully explained to his poor family.

They were basically denied justice for the loss they experienced and poor Travis Parker did not live to grow up.

May he rest in peace.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Candace Newmaker - 2000

In the book Attachment Therapy on Trial: The Torture and Death of Candace Newmaker the issue whether there is such a thing as Reactive attachment disorder and the method called Attachment Therapy is discussed.

Every year we learn of possible new diagnoses: Year 2012 the new version of DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) will be released. Now we will learn of illnesses like Internet Addiction Disorder which is basically an illness originally invented as a joke.

New illnesses call for demands of new cures. People can make a lot of money starting to cure these new illnesses. But are they in fact disorders? If we look at our past we used to treat illnesses like Female Hysteria and Homosexuality. We are not talking the Middle Ages here. Only decades ago people were forced into treatment for these so-called illnesses.

What if the same could be said about Reactive attachment disorder?

Did Candace Newmaker then die while being treated for nothing?

We know that the court found both the adoptive mother and several therapists guilty of reckless child abuse and other abuse charges. Laws have since been passed preventing the use of the key element in Attachment Therapy - the rebirth session.

We can only guess what other diagnoses which are fiction in the DSM.

For Candace Newmaker it doesn't make a difference. She was allowed to live 10 years on this planet only - a tragic and unnecessary death.

May she rest in peace.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dawn Renay Perry - 1993

16 year old Dawn Renay Perry was unfortunately not the last teenager to die while the employees tried to restrain her, but her death resulted in new legislation regarding the use of restraints.

However as tough as the legislation sounded, it didn't influence the number of teenager who died as result of failed restraints.

The specific treatment facility - known back then as Behavior Training Research closed 1998, but in the state of Texas alone additional 3 teenagers died before 2010.

The politicians had the interest of girls like Miss Perry in their hearts when the proposed the new legislation but frankly they had no idea of what they were dealing with. We can only pray that they will realize it at some point and impose legislation which can save lives.

They owe Miss Perry that. She didn't deserve her faith.

May she rest in peace.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Richard DeMaar - 2006

When Richard DeMaar died the family left behind had many questions:

  • Why was her suicidal son left with sheets, with a trashcan, with anything that could be used to help him take his own life?
  • Why were the 15-minute checks overlooked?
  • And most chilling, would it have been different if he’d remained close to home, where his parents and siblings could visit and participate in his care?

Richard DeMaar had lived in Alaska for most of his life, but for reasons unknown it was decided that the best treatment option was a remote residential treatment facility 4000 miles away.

It was impossible for his family to drop in and visit him giving him support which would benefit everyone in that situation.

The only contact the family had was by phone, but they were met with various excuses about their son being tired or busy with activities while he was improving.

16 year old! That's how many years he was allowed to live.

Fortunately Alaska started to bring the children in out-of-state facilities home afterwards. Maybe the tragedy his family suffered will help children and their families in the future so it didn't happen for nothing.

May he rest in peace.

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