Thursday, April 6, 2023

Diane Ramirez - 2019

The circumstances regarding who allowed Morris Small Family Home to be in operation and how they were approved as foster care home seems to remain unclear. Maybe it is just easier to blame the owners at the facility instead of looking at those who were supposed to monitor and supervise the foster home.

There is a risk that an investigation into that area would reveal a really broken system. A system which in the end claimed the life of a on only 17-year-old girl. Diane Ramirez should not had a such tragic end to her life. Suffering while being ignored like she was in just another correctional boarding school while her life slowly ended. She was supposed to be protected by the system and instead it failed her, when it allowed her to be placed at a run-down foster home where the only interest seemed to make it as cheap as possible to have children placed there. Not even the gas for a drive down to a hospital where the poor girl could have been given treatment seems to be in the budget.

Of course now the authorities goes after the employees and owneers of the place and their responsibility cannot be ignored. They should bear the consequences of their actions. But other children could be at risk of ending up in the same senseless way if the system is not changed.

We will pray for her family. May she find peace where she is now.


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