Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Philip Williams Jr. - 1982

15 years was all that Philip Williams Jr. was allowed on this earth. The circumstances of his death remains not fully investigated because the authorities in Maine saw no interest in investigating the death of an expensive kid in foster care. Placed in foster care at age 9 after a tragedy in the family which removed both his parents from his life the authorities at some point decided that he needed some beating and sent him to Elan School where he was placed in a so-called therapeutic boxing ring where other students were allowed to box him until his mental spirit would be broken so the counselors could turn around in his mind like it was a pot of stew.

He suffered from headaches when he was put in the ring and the beatings didn't add any good to his condition. He was left in an office after his beating when his conditions worsened and he was driven to the hospital by counselors. There they found his condition to be serious and the doctors asked family members to turn off the machine for him to die as there was nothing they could do.

Was it the beatings or the brain aneurysm as it is stated in his records which claimed his life? We will never know because the management of the school had political ties to the very top of the system. No investigation was done. No examination was done. An expensive kid in the system was gone and the system liked the outcome.

His family has tried to seek justice but now where the school is closed the system tries to shut them down.

May Philip Williams Jr. find peace where he is now. May his family also find peace which might be done if the authorities release all the information they have.

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