Saturday, July 30, 2011

Carnez Boone - 2010

A 14 year old boy never came home. Carnez Boone might had his difficulties to fight in life, but adding the need to survive in a lake when no proper swimming lesson had been done before proved too much for him and he went down.

Sometime counselors believe that all children need to be pushed to they can outlive their full potential but shouldn't there be some boundaries?

Fact is that they overstepped the limit of young Mr. Boone ability to swim and that did cost him his life.

The obivious question which also should be asked is what would happen if he had said no. Would he have suffered some severe consequence as it happens in most residential programs? Would he have been set back so it would have taken longer for him to graduate?

As the exact structure of Yes Academy it not known, it is hard to say what would have been the outcome if he hadn't entered the water but some kind of fear made him jump out in the water and try to survive.

His mother is currently suing the academy but not even all money in the world can bring her boy back.

It is just one of those tragedies which should not occur.

Mom suing after son dies in summer drowning, by Jan Ransom, Philadelphia Daily News, February 5, 2011
Victims 2010 -, Fornits Wiki

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rocco D. Magliozzi - 2006

12 year old Rocco D. Magliozzi loved sports. His potential could have taken him far. But he was robbed of those potential when he was sent to a wilderness program where he fell ill far away from any hospital. The West Nile Virus claimed his life.

Time was the deciding factor when this occured and for therapist the question whether one of the children in their care would try to fake an illness will be the first thing they have to investigate. However such a serious illness don't leave the staff the luxery to discuss the case and it was known that this illness existed in the area.

Still he came too late to the hospital and was robbed of his young life. Parents should learn from this case and think twice before they leave their children into residential care. He never made to return to his beloved sport back home.

May he rest in peace.

List of deaths 2005 - 2009, Fornits Wiki
Rocco Magliozzi, 12; loved sports, By David Abel, The Boston Globe

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Melissa Neyman - 1997

Melissa Neyman was 19 when she was strangled to death and would normally not be qualified to be called a child however she faced the challenge of being autistic which would have meant that she would have met difficulties living independently as other adults, so we have decided to write a small piece honoring her regardless of her age.

A lot went wrong setting her up her death. The person who should care for her wasn't qualified to do that. The type of restraints which should have been keeping her to her bed was not some tools approved by the authorites. None looked into her room or sat by her what is mandatory in several countries when you apply restraints to people.

As result she managed to free herself partly but was found hanging out the windows strangled by her restaints.

Because her illness judged her a troubled teen, the authorities knew that a jury wouldn't use 5 minutes to her about her suffering and the case was settled with little consequence for those responsible for her death.

World over people simply doesn't seem to care when it is revealed that so-called troubled teenagers are treated too harshly or to a point where their lives could be in danger.

Melissa Neymann didn't deserve her faith. That's why we will honor her by writing this small article so she isn't forgotten.

People Die And Nothing Is Done, by Dave Altimari, Toddlertime Network
Victims in the 1990s, Fornits Wiki

Saturday, July 23, 2011

(unknown girl - unknown treatment facility) - 2009

July 23, 2009 a poster on the message board wrote about a suicide at the treatment facility where she had her daughter placed. A girl of unknown age hanged herself. To this day this treatment facility remains unknown.

Searching the media about this tragedy has not produced any results. A girl lost her life and no reports were found so the public can see what were done to prevent a similar tragedy to happen in the future.

Someone is missing her. Some have suffered a loss. Leaving her unnamed will increase the risk of such tragedies repeating themselves. Something has to be done and naming her and the facility will serve as a kind of memorial and warning to us to make every life matter.

May she rest in peace.

List of deaths 2005 - 2009, Fornits Wiki

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wauketta Wallace - 1989

12 year old Wauketta Wallace was labeled as a troubled youth. His death was result of a failed restraint.

There was a probe into this tragedy but his death was ruled as accidential.

It would take additional deaths before a pattern emerged showing that face-down restraints were deadly. Hopefully it was a lesson learned for the staff at Maryville Academy which continues to be in operation today.

Victims in 1980s, Fornits Wiki database
Death of boy, 12, in youth home ruled accidental, Chicago Sun-Times - August 12, 1989 (Pay-per-view article)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Roxanna Gray - 1989

In the days before research with live guinea-pig proved that facedown restraints were deadly, 17 year old Roxanna Gray lost her life during these trials.

Unlike many cases from that period this tragedy was investigated and a staff member was sentenced to a 4 year prison term. It was later suspended to a one year period of probation.

Victims in 1980s, Fornits Wiki datasheet
Probation for death, The Rochester Sentinel - April 4, 1990

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gregory Owens Jones - 1985

The official version of the death of only 13 year old Gregory Owens Jones was a fall.

However on various message boards the question of water supplies has been asked and left unanswered. Back in 1985 the quality of investigations were not of todays standard. Also regulation as it has been introduced later as result of these tragedies in the wilderness were not in place. We may never learn the full story which robbed this child of his life.

SUWS continues to be in operation today and are now owned by Aspen Education Group.

Victims in 1980s,
Washington boy in survival class suffers fall, dies, Eugene Register-Guard July 5, 1985
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