Saturday, October 13, 2012

Willie Durden - 2005

When "gurgling" sound came from the 17 year old Willie Durden's cell, the guards believed that he making fun of them.

But it wasn't a prank and how they dared to gamble remains a mystery.

What also was a mystery was the cause of death. The autopsy report took long to make and it did show that he died from enlarged heart. The report did puzzle the lawmakers and in another case also from Florida the public learned that autopsy reports sometime are altered to make the state look better. In the case of Willie Durden there was no video showing his last minutes which could prove the autopsy report wrong, so we have to settle for the state's version of what went wrong.

As for consequences against the guards for delaying the CPR it is difficult to determine if his death had consequence for them at all.

It is a sad story.

May he rest in peace.

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