Monday, August 17, 2015

Chad Andrew Franza - 1998

16 year old Chad Andrew Franza was found hanging in his cell at the olk County Juvenile Boot Camp.

He was sent there for minor arrests and became depressed according to his family.

The staff didn't notice. Their job was just to keep him locked up.

Sad that this young man didn't get a chance to better himself and grow up by having been sentenced to community service instead right away when he broke the law the first time, so he could have re-thinked the path he was on before it was too late.

May he rest in peace.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Unknown - 2013

A unnamed 14 year old boy being placed at the Grandfather Home for Children downed in Banner Elk.

His death seems to have been accidential. Could the school have watched better out for him? Maybe.

However it is not to know. He could have slipped within seconds and if one person is in the cold fast running river there is not a chance so save him. It is a wooden area and it is hard to keep sight of everyone. The school took a little too long to alarm the authorities but it is doubtful whether it would have any difference due to the nature of this river.

May he find rest where he is now.

Teen who drowned in Banner Elk attended nearby boarding school (WSOCTV news)

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