Friday, May 2, 2014

Caleb Jensen - 2007

Caleb Jensen was only allowed 15 years in this life. He was sent to a wilderness program where he got an infection. Believing that his pain was some kind of manipulation the employees of the wilderness program let him suffer with his pain until the infection killed him.

May he find peace where he is now.

His mother created a memorial website. Her last words were:

If You have been following Caleb's story its finally over. I can not share the details of its end nor can I say It's what I expected. I didn't expect any of this, my plan was for my son to grow up, grow out of adolescent mistakes have a good life get married and give me grandbabies. None of that happened. Caleb didn't make it passed 15. He suffered in a lot of pain until he took his last breath in that pain, with me no where around to hold him, to comfort him. That is what kills me in my mind and my thoughts the most, that my baby boy was all alone suffering in pain with no one who knew him good enough to see he was suffering.

We are doing the things I have wanted to do in his memory. First I have ordered his headstone. It is an absolutely wonderful headstone. When it is placed we will have a headstone placing ceremony. All of us will come together in his memory. We will play a song and his sister Heather will sing a song for him. And take a few moments to talk about our memories and the fact that it is all over.

In November we will do the one thing I have planned for six years. All his Brothers and sisters will go to Disneyland in his memory. You see when Caleb and I talked before he left for that last program I told him when he gets home it will be summer. So we will finally go to lagoon as promised. Lagoon is like a tiny little Disneyland. We didn't get to do that. Well, I told my family when this is all over we will all go to Disneyland in Caleb's memory. We will wear shirts with his pic on them, and so that's what we are doing. I am having shirts made and we are making plans now. I'm so excited so is all the kids. We will be there with Caleb in our hearts!!!!

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