Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mark Soares - 1998

When 16 year old Mark Soares according to staff was acting out they restrained him manually. He told them he couldn't breathe but they didn't listen. When he became unreponsive it was too late. He had been held in a headlock which had damaged an artery.

In inquest was held but the instructions to the staff was so weak so they hadn't voilated any protocol. The facility has used a lot of time to prevent new deaths and have revised their protocols.

Unfortunately it was too late for Mark Soares.

May he rest in peace.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Noel Patrick "Sandy" Bailey - 2007

A military school decided to expell the young man. His family knowning that it would crush his world asked the school to wait to tell him their decision until they could be with him and take him home right away.

The school neglected the plea from the family and as result his jumped to his death from the top-floor of the building.

The family sued and won in court but it would not give them their son back.

It is a tragedy which could have been avoided. He was far away from his family and support network. Today when firms fire people they have counselors ready to support people who are laid off. There was no support for this young man and it is just that the school had to pay when they didn't do their job in a proper manner.

May he find peace where he is now.

Settlement reached in suit over Massanutten Military Academy cadet's death (NV Daily)
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