Friday, August 26, 2016

Connie Irene Munson - 1980

This poor girl tried to escape a place so horrible that it is only fitting that it is now burned down to the ground. The authorities tried several times to intervene but it took them too long to be successful. The families were properly kept in the dark about what took place there.

Many years have passed and so many years later we should have been able to state that such places were of the past. But today there are still teenage girls out there who experience the same horrors which led to her escape which ended to tragically for her when she was hit by traffic on a nearby road.

May she find peace in her next life. A peace she unfortunately was not allowed in this life.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bobby Sue Thomas - 1996

To restain someone while they are lying on their stomach can result in their death. This is known and accepted today. It was also known in 1996 but there was no training of employees how to do it otherwise.

It resulted in the death of Bobby Sue Thomas after the employees decided to restrain her due to some kind of conflict between them and the girl.

Her life was cut short due to lack of proper training. Tragic for both her and the family she left behind.

May she find peace where she is now.

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