Thursday, May 19, 2022

Naomi Massa Wood - 2020

Naomi Massa Wood was 17 year of age when her life ended while attending one of the Teen Challenge holding facilties which are marketed as a mixure of boarding schools and treatment faclities. Facilities where medication and treatment by professionals are replaced with a prayer based curriculum and the communication and interaction with the surrounding world is restricted.

When the 17 year old student complained of plain not enough effort was made to contact local medical services and at the facility medical trained personnel was not at hand. As result of this institutionalized neglect the girl died. A report was made which ordered changed which seem to happen slowly and in the meantime family members of employees were allowed to play medical professionals.

It was a tragic for the family left behind who had put so much effort into giving this girl a good life. What a terrible loss of lives for the many siblings and also the adoptive parents, who were led to believe that Teen Challenge had something to offer to their daughter.

We can only urge the responsible politicians to look at the legislation so such places become better licensed and subject to supervision by the state.

May Naomi Massa Wood who were given so little time on this earth experience peace where she is now.


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