Wednesday, December 12, 2012

James White - 2005

Two teenagers died at Summit Quest Academy before the facility closed its doors in 2009.

James White died there late 2005. The Coroner ruled that he died from natural causes as result of an enlarged heart which were the standard excuse when minors died in custody before the media investigated the autopsy report in Martin Anderson case.

But none have stepped up demanding a new investigation in the James White case even taken into consideration that only a few months went by before Giovanni Joey Aletriz there.

James White lived for only 17 year. All there is known today is that he came from Philadelphia. This death was kept quiet. It is not known if he left family behind who must have felt failed by the system.

It is sad when deaths in facilities are given so little attention because lives can be saved if they are properly investigated so better precautions could be taken the next time the same situation would arise.

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