Sunday, April 14, 2013

Diane Harris - 1990

17 year old Diane Harris was restrained for 10 minutes before her body suddenly convulsed and then went limp. For good measure, they continued restraining her for 10 more minutes. She never moved again.

That became the end for a girl which the employees stated had a bad attitude. The punishment the employees gave her as result of this poor attitude was death.

According to an article in year 2000 her case was one of at least 18 where the patients died as result of the employees restraining them.

Restraint should be the very last option but in 1990 the doctors would not be bothered and restraint was used where situations could have been talked down with a little patience.

The answer to deaths like her is prosecution and legislation. It is so costly compensation to the family left behind that the facilities would be forced to secure their residents or being forced to shut down.

17 year old Diane Harris had relatives who will miss her forever. It is not to understand how much they suffer.

Let us hope that she found peace where she is now.

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