Friday, December 22, 2023

Taylor Goodridge - 2022

History so cruel repeated itself when 17-year-old Taylor Goodridge died while attending Diamond Ranch Academy. She had complaimed about her health in the weeks before her death.

This was the third known death during the years the school has been in operation. In 2013 a marketing event was interrupted because a student decided to hang himself in the showers. The rescue could only start when the potential customers had been removed from the area and rescue came too late. In 2009 a student also arrived at the hospital too late. None ever have stepped forward so the world could learn whether the boy had complained about his health as Taylor Goodridge very clearly did. Anyhow it was too late for both.

The family of Taylor Goodridge properly believed that their daughter was safe at the facility which is a huge business in that part of Utah where jobs are needed and the authorities have to weight the security of the patients against number of jobs.

Fact is that they were failed by the facility. Will a death again just be noted without consequences for Diamond Ranch Academy? They got off easy the other times.

Regardless of the legal outcome, fact is that a family suffered the loss of a loved one. We can only offer our prayers.

May she rest in peace where she is now


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