Friday, January 13, 2017

Katherine M. Lank - 2002

16 year old Katherine Lank was hicking with her group from Red Rock Ranch Academy when she fell down into a ravine and injured her head. She suffered for weeks at a hospital before dying. Many years have passed since but the danger of using hiking in connection with treatment of teenagers from the cities still exist. We don't know what prompted her stay at this ranch which closed not long after properly due to lawsuits but both she and her family would properly have preferred to be together instead of her dying alone and her family greaving at home without the possibility to do something.

Life in the program was strict and as punishment they were ordered to shit on a chair all day long looking at the wall. It was called "Poltergeist".

If only residential programs had envolved since 2002 but sadly they are not.

16 years is not much to be allowed on this earth. May she find peace where she is now.



  1. She did not choose to stay at the ranch. She was forced .

  2. please edit the spelling mistakes it comes off as disrespectful


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