Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kristal Mayon-Ceniceros - 1999

"It does not appear to have been an unsafe method of restraining her"

It was the understatement of the year in 1999.

The 16 year old Kristal Mayon-Ceniceros returned from lunch at the New Alternatives residential care facility. She found someone at her work desk and became upset. The staff tried to calm her down and decided to restrain her. It led to her death.

We don't know why she was sent there for treatment but for some persons suffering from mental illnesses like autism everything must be in place. Small changes can upset them. They have to be given tool to deal with changes and while they are learning these tools only minor chances must take place.

Something went wrong with her treatment plan. And as descriped above the restraint method turned out to be a killer.

She was basically failed two times. May she rest in peace.



  1. As a former employee of New Alternatives Inc. I can attest to the fact that this particular residential facility is not equipped to deliver adequate services to a child with autism. The program is chaotic and poorly run due to too many residents and too few staff.

  2. I was there when this happened. I knew Kristal..I heard her screaming she couldn't breath shortly before her death. She died in this facility and there was a hospital pretty much across the street. I was also a victim of this "prone restraint" at the hands of staff members working at NA instance caused my AC joint to fracture, shoulder dislocated and since then I have had to have 3 major rotator cuff surgeries as a result of the damage caused by the staff at New alternatives. I don't know how that place is still open..

  3. I knew Kristal too. I was a former resident of NA-16 between 1997-2001 off and on. The staff there used police style restraints that includes the prone restraint, the wall restraint and the staff's favorite the escort seated restraint. The restraint is that two staff put on a seat and push your head down and then have legs in a split position. A kid that use to live there said he gave her bleach the night before her death. That was a lie, because she die from a heart attack. That's my thoughts of living there


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