Friday, December 16, 2011

Brandon Hoffman - 1998

If anyone toured the now abandoned "Mount Bachelor Academy" located in a remote area near the small town of Prineville no sign of the tragedy is visible today.

Back in 1989 a young man decided that he could bare no further the banishment from his family, the isolation from peers and close friends back home and ended his life.

It is hard to understand what kind of pressure which can force a people so far out that they cannot find a path for a continuation of their lives.

But young Mr. Hoffman was forced that far out and he didn't make it back.

Had it been a single incident it may have been only a tragedy. But others did choose the same solution.

May his death result in more care and more thinking into what could happen before any parent decide to remove a child from the loving and caring environment the child experience at home.

May he rest in peace



  1. Brandon Hoffman died in December of 1998, not 1999

  2. No. Brandon was a VERY close friend of mine and we attended MBA together. He passed away in 1998 not 1989. It was not because of being isolated from family and friends. He was at the end of his stay there. He had depression and had a bad break up with his girlfriend. She to this day feels guilt over it. I do as well because I was the last person to speak with him that day and I knew something was wrong.

    1. I have been waiting for this hack Gette to apologize and withdraw her statement but no such luck. She should get her facts straight. Imagine the grief and sorrow her parents feel and Gitte unjustly blames them. Anon is a true friend for speaking up. I know her mother and she is the best!

    2. Brandon’s Mom raised four other great kids, one a Challenged
      Child now in his fifty’s. I posted as Anon in my previous post. If you want to respond to me directly I am Roger Cole

  3. Thank you...for still standing up for us and giving us a voice even if no one else hears it


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