Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tammy Edmiston - 1982

One of the two deaths at VisionQuest involving a fall from a Wagon train ended in the death of 16 year old Tammy Edmiston. She fell to her death from a bridge outside a town named Latrobe which is possible located in Pennsylvania.

The circumstances surrounding her fall has remained unknown. The death of a so-called troubled girl which still today is considered a burden to the society calls for few resources to the investigation.

We know that her organs were harvested. Her liver came to a 35 year old man. A 9 year old boy benefitted from her heart.

13 years later in 1995 another death occurred when Dawnne Takeuchi fell to her death from a Wagon train. Due to intense pressure a real investigation was made and some extend of foul play were found.

It would be natural to raise the question why the death of Miss Edmiston was not fully charted. Why is investigation into possible abuse considering troubled teenagers really a question of the strength and pressure from the relatives left behind?

While we didn't know Miss Edmiston, we believe in the principiel that every human counts no matter who they were. May we never again experience a death which are left uninvestigated.

Victims - 1980s, (Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora Wiki)
Liver transplant patient fair, Beaver Country Times - Sep 23, 1982


  1. Too many years have gone by for the wounds to be reopened...Tammy was my awesome girl...I miss you.

    1. talk to me...i knew her

    2. talk to me

  2. i knew her...i cry every day

  3. I remember girl...I miss u. Xo

  4. Looking up at ya girl....miss ya n always will.....people say the sadness dwindles as the years go by....they are mistaken

  5. Such a tragic loss,think of you often. Love You


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