Thursday, September 9, 2010

Matthew Meyers - 2004

It has been six years since 14 year old Matthew Meyers died in a Texas Wilderness program called Lonestar Expeditions. The program did later close during the financial crisis in that decade.

It just one death among so many in wilderness programs. Lonestar Expeditions was at that time owned by one of the large firms who run wilderness programs called Aspen Education Group.

Due to a financial settlement the details of his death is not known but it was not due to restraints.

We also have no knowledge of the medical history he had when he entered the wilderness program but it is generally kwown that some types of medication can be a killer if you take the patient out in a hot environment and fail to supervise their water intake. They can boil to death and it is not enough just to remind them to drink.

The death of Matthew Meyers is in its nature very similar to the deaths of Erica Harvey and Sergey Blashchishen - also in wilderness programs.

The obvious question you have to ask yourself is whether the medical staff will deny a teenager of medication of these types access to the wilderness program when they can earn 450 dollars per day by take the chance.

They took the chance and Matthew Meyers died.

Did his death change the industry? No. Business as usual and it didn't take long before a new child did return to his family in a body bag.

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