Thursday, September 16, 2010

Leon Anger - 1984

Time covers almost all tracks when it comes to hiding up a tragedy.

Records show that Leon Anger died at Vision Quest a large firm working to "rebilitate" minors and he was one of the minors who died in the so-called care of Vision Quest.

Another site shortly state:

Leon Anger, Vanango County Pennsylvania, seventeen years old, September 16 1984, runaway/drowning

We don't know if he did run away from the program or it was a cover up.

If we look at the disappearances from CEDU during that period later police investigation has proved that the child murderer had access to CEDU-campuses when the children started to disappear.

Back then there was no Megan-law. There was no legislation so people knew where child offenders were living or more important where they worked.

Victims in the 1980s (Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora Wiki)
Why are these children dying? (I was just a child....)

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