Sunday, March 25, 2012

Will Futrelle - 1996

Mountain Park Baptist Church and Boarding Academy had its own special atmosphere. An atmosphere consisting of fear and suppression.

Every single of the students lived in constant fear of being told on and the corporal punishment the employees of the boarding school loved to deliver.

In this toxic environment 16 year old Will Futrelle suddenly entered in 1996. Maybe he didn't know what to stay out off. Maybe he learned the system fast and saw his opportunity to advance by telling the management of the other students.

We don't know. We do know that in the eyes of some of the boys became a threat. He was murdered by some of the other students who feared that he would tell the employees of their escape plan. It is very difficult to understand how the prison life surroundings combined with what was basically illegal medication of the confined teenagers influenced their mind.

Two of the teenagers involved in the killing received life in prison.

In recent years a petition for a re-trial has been made. Whether their legal rights were rightfully served is not a question to deal with in this blog.

Will Futrelle lost his life first and foremost due to a hostile and paranoid environment at this so-called boarding school. It was rightfully closed down later. However the persons running the school are still to be finding in the boarding school business and they should be banned from working with children forever if Will Futrelle loss of life should matter.

His life mattered for his family. They deserve to know that parents should not be victimized by such person when they reach out for help.

May he rest in peace.


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