Monday, March 26, 2012

Corey Baines - 2003

A simple tree killed 16 year old Corey Baines while he was placed at a wilderness program named Catherine Freer. He is just one out of three teenagers who have died at this particular program which makes it one of the most deadly wilderness programs still in operation.

There are many parents out there. Some seem determined to fix problems within their families at home. It was sadly not the case with Corey Baines. For some reason he was shunned by his family when he fell into problems and they let so-called professionals do a kind of dirty work.

We don't know what kind of problems he had and it doesn't matter because the cure became his death which sadly is the case so many times.

16 years was all he got and it is a waste of so much potential.

May he rest in peace.


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  1. I worked with Corey at his first job. He was sweet, goofy and hilarious. He smoked weed like many people his age in our town but beyond that I don't know what problems got him sent away. I just know he deserved a chance to grow up and mature and he didn't get that chance. Kids aren't taken care of in these programs.


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