Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kelly Young - 1998

17 year old Kelly Young became upset after af telephone conversation with her grand mother. We don't know what led to her becoming upset, but we do know that the staff did choose to confront her instead of leading the other residents away until she would have calmed down.

The confrontation resulted in her death.

Afterwards a lot of regulations were put in place. However the numbers don't lie. There have been deaths as result of the use of restraints since.

There is no information concerning the reason for the placement of Kelly Young in such a facility. Would there have been options which could have kept her home and receive treatment from home?

The answers seem to remain unanswered.

May she rest in peace.


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  1. Kelly and I were friends. We went to the same high school and "dated" when we were younger. We were very close up until she started to break down and was sent off to brisbane.
    There was a lot of issues in her past, particularly with her brother. In her last days at school, she would leave randomly and walk the perimeter of the building over and over again.
    Her parents were stubborn and ill equipped to deal with her problems, which rose more and more with their lack of care. They tried a few places and ultimately put her in brisbane,

    When she was in the hospital, on that awful day, the reason she became agitated was because she had her period and the staff refused to get her any sanitary napkins. She started to freak and they restrained her using a box hold. (arms are crossed at the neck and held behind the back) The rest is history.

    There was a lot of mystery surrounding it. No one at school told us, we had to read it in the papers. And we weren't allowed at her funeral, even her close friends. In fact, it took me five years to track down where she was buried. It was a horrible time and nothing was ever done about it.


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