Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jeremy Gaulin - 2002

When you let two teenagers share room at a treatment facility it is important that they match.

The murderer in this case did suffer from Asperger's syndrome. It calls for a very structured days if you want to avoid panic attacks which can develop into assault on staff and other patients.

Poor Mr. Gaulin did suffer from attention deficit disorder which results in a behavior which is unstructured, inability to focus and to keep to a routine.

Mr. Gaulin could unknowingly have provoked the attack by just being himself. It is a stern warning for those residential treatment facilities which are willing to take all kind of problems in. They must see to that patients who have illnesses where they cannot deal with other persons, can be offered a one person room, so they don't start fighting other patients.

It was by no mean any fault by Mr. Gaulin that he was placed in a room where he could risk an attack while dealing with his illness. It was a fault the facility made.

The murderer had a parole hearing in 2009. He was denied parole. Hopefully they continued his treatment in jail, so he knows what he is serving time for.

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  1. I must add to your statement sorry ... as I was a student at this school when this incident happened ... Ian had already had incidents that had he done to a staff member would have had him kicked out but because they were towards other students all they would do is give him cottage which is like being grounded your indoors all day ... Jeremy was not the first student Ian had thrown out of a window ... and he also grabbed another students tv set and took it to the top of a high stair case and threw it down at someone ... so in my opinion had he done it to a staff member he would have been out the door... Jeremy did not deserve to die that young!!! Sweetest kid you could have ever known :(


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