Thursday, October 20, 2016

Unknown - 2002

Years have gone by but today 14 years ago an unnamed 15-year-old girl died while she was forced to attend the now closed infamous Catherine Freer Wilderness program. It is was the second death that year at this program and one out of 3 death while the program was operating, which made it one of the most deadliest wilderness programs to attend.

The founder closed the program years later without warning so the employees and students at a boarding school the owner also ran was caught by surprise. Everything was really for profit and had nothing to do with the woman the program was named after. The owner just happens to know her.

It is very sad that this girl remains unnamed because it wasn't her fault that she was thrown into this dangerous enterprise. Based on what marketing material looked like and the little knowledge about the real danger of wilderness programs, it wasn't the fault of her parents either.

It was a tragedy waiting to happen but who could have prevented it? None.

May she find peace where she is now.


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