Friday, July 8, 2016

Joy Evans - 1976

When you are going to be operated you are told not to eat some hours before. The reason is that you is going to lie on your back during the operation and you could vomit resulting in your death during the operation.

This vital lesson the employees forgot when they forced fed 17 year old Joy Evans on her back. She choked to death. Officially the local doctor wrote something else.

Joy Evans was sent to Forest Haven Asylum in Maryland when she was 8. There were no other options given to her parents by the local school district. They sent her with their hands tied behind their back.

Opened in 1925 the facility soon became overcrowded. It closed in 1991 because the public had learned too much. While it was opened it was a cheap place to stack mentally ill and others just labelled like that so the system could save money. Children from nearby children home was labelled mentally ill so the system could stuck them there in 1974.

None knows exactly how many who died at this facility. Many were adults but where properly were other kids who died there. If you know a name, send us some records so they can be remembered for as long as this blog exist. They deserve that someone will use the time on them - a thing the system would do when they were alive.

We can only wish that Joy Evans is at a better place now.

May she rest in peace.


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