Monday, July 4, 2016

Brad Glickman - 1990

15 year old Brad Glickman was on the run from Elan School in Maine when he was shot by a resident in a small town. He seemed to have some kind of connection to the daughter in the house of his killer and it is not clear what exactly happened shortly after midnight that many years ago.

However what is clear is that Elan School wasn't a pleasant place for any teenager to be. Nothing productive could come from such a place and it is close to a scandal that it wasn't closed back then.

Of course now where it is close the public learn what official fought very hard to keep away from the public. That the teenagers were beaten in almost bizarre therapeutic processes like the boxing ring. The use of isolation were widespread and the top management like the founder were without any education in the field they operated in.

Brad Glickman couldn't stand it and he ran. Unfortunately his life were cut short during his escape.

Elan School was created to warehouse difficult children the system couldn't find places for. Children expensive for the system and for it to exist many closed their eyes.

Brad Glickman didn't deserve his destiny.

May he find peace where he is now.


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