Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jerry Trivett - 2003

Jerry Trivett suffered from an illness which was costly to treat. Tumors grew in his system. His mother couldn't afford proper treatment of the illness and he ended up being thrown around the foster care system. The illness affected his behavior and even foster families often had to return him so he could go to a new place.

He ended up in an over-crowded for-profit facility named High Pointe in Oklahoma. Here he got into a fight with another patients and he got slammed to the ground. He suffered a lot of pain over the next days but his pleas to be taken to the hospital just down the road for an examination was ignored. When they in the end allowed him to be transported to the hospital after losing consciousness they didn't mention the fight, so he was not treated in the proper way.

Maybe he had suffered internal damage and was slowly bleeding to down. We don't know because none tend to have paid an interest in him. Only when he died the system who send him to the facility started to look for fall-guys. While the facility was closed 9 months later only people on the ground suffered consequences due to his untimely death.

It seems that the system was meant to cost him his life. Where were the support for the foster families so they could have taken care of him with extra help to their homes? Where was the support for his birth mother in the first place so she could have taken care of his treatment appointments so he didn't have to be placed in the foster system?

15 years was all he was allowed before he died.

May he find peace where he is now.


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