Thursday, May 2, 2013

Katherine Rice - 2008

Katherine Rice became only 16 years of age.

Somehow she got hold of methadone inside a treatment facility. What the methadone did at that place and how it entered the facility known as Kidspeace remains unanswered. Kidspeace is the totally wrong name for such a place.

Her death was the third death at this KidsPeace group home located in the North Whitehall Township.

Why wasn't the place investigated before? Why was there no change in the methods used at the facility?

Even the death of Rice did not end the methods used at the facility.

December 2011 there was an assault on an employee. May 2012 there was a fight at the facility.

The management seems useless caring about the patients.

It is not known that she did so she ended up there, but no crime can be so horrible that she should be exposed to neglect.

We can only hope that she has found peace where she is now.


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