Saturday, February 9, 2013

Victoria Petersilka - 2002

When 14 year old Victoria Petersilka was found hanging from a fire sprinkler head at Maryville Academy for Girls it prompted an investigation.

The investigation concluded that it was a suicide. Months later a 11 year old girl was assaulted by two boys and it wasn't reported for days. Something was very wrong at this facility which had been in operation since 1883.

The mixture of children referred to the Academy was different that it used to be.

The supervision of the children was lacking and what took place before she was found remains unclear.

Afterwards the Academy was restructured and a new management as well as a new client group was targeted.

Still the shadow of a girl reaching out for help who was so grusome failed will forver overshadow the Maryville Academy for Girls.

Her life ended when it was just about to start.

Victoria Petersilka born 1987 - died 2002. Rest in peace.


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