Sunday, January 6, 2013

Martin Lee Anderson - 2006

A video camera was basically what brought his family such justice after they so unnecessary lost him to a cruel justice system. He was riding a car which didn't belong to him. There shouldn't be death penalty for car theft but in Florida it became the result as he was bullied and kicked to death.

The state tried to put an autospy report on the table showing that he died from an unrelated illness but it was clear for everyone that the report was doctored.

The guards was prosecuted but escaped through a loop hole. The state did however shut all the boot camps down. Boot camps has never proven their value dealing with the youths problems, so it was about time such a costly system was shut down.

The state decided that families of children in the system shouldn't be allowed the same chance to find the truth because video's are now banned from being shared with the public.

Several children have lost their lives in Florida's justice system since and they died away from the cameras in almost 100 percent secrecy.

14 years was all he was allowed in this life.

May he rest in peace.


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