Monday, April 9, 2012

Richard DeMaar - 2006

When Richard DeMaar died the family left behind had many questions:

  • Why was her suicidal son left with sheets, with a trashcan, with anything that could be used to help him take his own life?
  • Why were the 15-minute checks overlooked?
  • And most chilling, would it have been different if he’d remained close to home, where his parents and siblings could visit and participate in his care?

Richard DeMaar had lived in Alaska for most of his life, but for reasons unknown it was decided that the best treatment option was a remote residential treatment facility 4000 miles away.

It was impossible for his family to drop in and visit him giving him support which would benefit everyone in that situation.

The only contact the family had was by phone, but they were met with various excuses about their son being tired or busy with activities while he was improving.

16 year old! That's how many years he was allowed to live.

Fortunately Alaska started to bring the children in out-of-state facilities home afterwards. Maybe the tragedy his family suffered will help children and their families in the future so it didn't happen for nothing.

May he rest in peace.


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