Monday, April 23, 2012

Peter A. Cooper - 1979

Back in 1979 a fire raided a boarding school up in Connecticut. The old wooden buildings which were properly from 1934 burned quickly and not all students made it out. Some were caught on the second-floor near a window and two of the students - Peter Cooper and Jonathan S. Lenoff - died while a third student suffered terrible burns.

A small memorial plate was set up so the death students could be remembered. For some reason it disappeared sometime after year 2000.

Of course something can be blamed on the building code which allowed a level of safety which turned out to be deadly but regardless of the reason for their death they should not be forgotten.

They lost their lives before they could outlive the potential they were sent to the school to find. Please restore the memorial!


Two students die in Madison blaze, The Morning Record and Journal - April 24 1979

Victims in the 1970's - Fornits Wiki

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