Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Candace Newmaker - 2000

In the book Attachment Therapy on Trial: The Torture and Death of Candace Newmaker the issue whether there is such a thing as Reactive attachment disorder and the method called Attachment Therapy is discussed.

Every year we learn of possible new diagnoses: Year 2012 the new version of DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) will be released. Now we will learn of illnesses like Internet Addiction Disorder which is basically an illness originally invented as a joke.

New illnesses call for demands of new cures. People can make a lot of money starting to cure these new illnesses. But are they in fact disorders? If we look at our past we used to treat illnesses like Female Hysteria and Homosexuality. We are not talking the Middle Ages here. Only decades ago people were forced into treatment for these so-called illnesses.

What if the same could be said about Reactive attachment disorder?

Did Candace Newmaker then die while being treated for nothing?

We know that the court found both the adoptive mother and several therapists guilty of reckless child abuse and other abuse charges. Laws have since been passed preventing the use of the key element in Attachment Therapy - the rebirth session.

We can only guess what other diagnoses which are fiction in the DSM.

For Candace Newmaker it doesn't make a difference. She was allowed to live 10 years on this planet only - a tragic and unnecessary death.

May she rest in peace.


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