Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paul Choy - 1992

Paul Choy met his death in remote wilderness camp, where many felt he shouldn't have been in the first place.

Rite of passage was a tough camp. It is difficult to say what the plan was with this camp. In what way was the youth supposed to make benefit of their stay? It cannot be answered because there doesn't seem to be any plan.

The staff say that he became violent and they tried to restrain him and killed him in the process following the procedures known at that time. Others simply claimed that he was depressed.

He died out there. He didn't get a chance to turn his life around.

May he rest in peace.



  1. Yes, it was a tough camp, I was a staff member there and the one who performed CPR on him, bringing back his pulse and breathing... I hope that Paul is resting peacefully and his family's grief has been eased over time, but don't know how that would be possible.

  2. I was a youth there at the time of the incident. Choy never became "violent" he simply went non compliant due to him being sent to 'specials camp' many days in a roll for missing his 3 mile run time sometime only by seconds. For those who don't understand, this means he would have to run another 6 miles and do 4 additional 18/20 workouts before he would be sent back to camp, all oversite by the worst/meanest coaches in the program. The coach who restrained Choy was a excellent wrestler, and coached the sport at ROP. In ROP, 'violent' simply means quitting during a workout. You could be sitting in the sand trying to catch your breath and you would still be restrained and transported to specials. The program there has two sides to it, 1. great stories of scholarships and reformed kids you could write about( very small few who graduate in less than 2yrs) 2. the worst form of mental and physical child abuse you could imagine.

    1. This is R Koop. I was one of the kids out there that couldn't help Paul. I was one of the National Eagles with him. Mamy of us, but especially Paul, didn't deserve to be there in the first place. I have plenty of stories of sexual and physical abuse to share that I saw happen at that camp. Please contact me at

  3. I was there when it happened. PAUL wasn't even a hundred pounds.


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