Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Faith Finley - 2008

Faith Finley died at the Parmadale Family Services center as result of being restrained when she became upset after a staff member took the CD-player, she used to calm herself with.

They used a restraint method known to be dangerous but it was only outlawed once a corpse made it impossible to overlook the fact that it should have been outlawed at least 10 years before.

Faith Finley didn't need to die if the authorities had reacted to tons of research made into restraint methods but she did because some at-risk teenagers in general have to die before anyone care to deal with improvements.

When will it change? The court came to the conclusion that it is an accident. How can it be an accident when every single so-called profesional in the business know that every restraint of a child is a potential lifethreatening situation for the child?

We can only hope that she didn't die in vain and the legislation will protect other children from dying because her family didn't get the justice they were entitled to after suffering such a terrible loss.

May she rest in peace.


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