Sunday, July 24, 2011

Melissa Neyman - 1997

Melissa Neyman was 19 when she was strangled to death and would normally not be qualified to be called a child however she faced the challenge of being autistic which would have meant that she would have met difficulties living independently as other adults, so we have decided to write a small piece honoring her regardless of her age.

A lot went wrong setting her up her death. The person who should care for her wasn't qualified to do that. The type of restraints which should have been keeping her to her bed was not some tools approved by the authorites. None looked into her room or sat by her what is mandatory in several countries when you apply restraints to people.

As result she managed to free herself partly but was found hanging out the windows strangled by her restaints.

Because her illness judged her a troubled teen, the authorities knew that a jury wouldn't use 5 minutes to her about her suffering and the case was settled with little consequence for those responsible for her death.

World over people simply doesn't seem to care when it is revealed that so-called troubled teenagers are treated too harshly or to a point where their lives could be in danger.

Melissa Neymann didn't deserve her faith. That's why we will honor her by writing this small article so she isn't forgotten.

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  1. Rest in peace after leaving the hellish life you were destined to live.


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