Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John Vincent Garrison - 1990

18 year old John Vincent Garrison ended up at VisionQuest instead of serving his time in the local juvenile detention facility. No information can tell us today whether it was a choice made by the court in order to treat some kind of disorder instead of just doing time. But the decision to choose this kind of alternative sentence turned out to be deadly.

According to the media we have learned that the parents believed that the treatment of this young man by the staff members led him to believe that his life was in danger. He took the decision to escape from the program in an attempt to save his life and he drowned during this attempt.

His parents sued the program. It has not been possible to determine whether they won in court.

Deaths in the 1990s - Fornits Wiki database
VisionQuest sued over teen's death, Lodi News-Sentinel - 3 Jun 1991

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