Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carey Dunn - 1988

It is hardly to believe that the very boarding school where she was forced and where she met her death continues to exist today just because there are no federal oversight in the United States.

It all started out in California where welthy parents who had spent their teenage years in the 1960 was suddenly parents and began to be afraid that their children would live the same kind of teenage life with free choices but also a lot of temptations. They sought for a religious safe haven and some believed to have found it at Victory Christian Academy.

The boarding school was an old military station and it needed a lot of repair. To save money the girls was put into work between the prayers and corporal punishment. Work without the necessary training and safety equipment.

A part of the building fell over Carey Dunn and she died. Because it was so-called troubled teenagers the staff was handling, the police investigation did not end up in anyone being sent to prison. Troubled teenagers don't count as others. Instead the staff and owners was told to cross the statelines so California could wash their hands.

Today the boarding school is operating near Jay in Florida. A new name has been taken for marketing purposes. Otherwise it is very much the same curriculum and daily rutines which are offered.

If you want to know more about Victory Christian Academy, you can buy the book Reform at Victory, which have been written by a survivor of this boarding school.

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